Social Services


Soul Tree, LLC provides a variety of social services to include; tutoring, case management, parental involvement workshops, teacher training and resource coordination. Our approach to this work uses a deliberate system of strategies rooted in emotional safety to foster professional and academic risk taking. This system includes but is not limited to the integration of emotion vocabulary words, breathing/relaxation strategies and trauma informed care.

Because Soul Tree’s toolkit is rooted in social and emotional strategies that support critical thinking, problem solving and writing, our social services work with youth and young adults supports state and federal requirements that prepare individuals to succeed with college- and career-readiness opportunities.

Key to our success with social service-related projects is our understanding of the application of trauma informed care. Including this in our practice fosters our ability to deliver effective, evidence-based services and interventions to help individuals who have experienced traumatic events. We provide exercises and strategies that assist with repairing neuroplasticity (ability to change brain patterns over time).