Curriculum Development

Soul Tree designs curricular content that contains collaborative learning opportunities – for example, e-mail, discussion strands synchronous chats, and group projects. In addition, we develop curriculum that can accommodate in- person, on-line or hybrid delivery methods. Our customers select delivery options based on whole group or self-paced learning experiences. Other key aspects to our curricular designs include the option to use embedded videos, web links, and differing types of assessments: Pre-assessments, Formative assessments and/or Summative assessments.

Soul Tree believes that people learn best by doing. Therefore, we embrace the use of activities to engage the whole learner. Some such examples include, as hands-on projects, demonstrations, multimedia presentations, case studies, and/or electronic/physical portfolios.

Additionally, regardless of our curricular offerings as fully online or facilitated, the structure allows instructors to adapt learning activities assigned to accommodate individuals who are differently abled.