Commercial Engagements


Soul Tree was awarded in 2014 a prime contract with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for the development of three Science Technology Education and Engineering (STEM) courses to train their 70,000 teachers.

The courses are self-paced e-learning modules that are partially facilitated by an MSDE instructor. Soul Tree uses their content experts’ understanding of the Common Core State Standards to close the implementation and instructional gap of STEM education.

To build capacity of understanding and sustain the investment in learning, the modules are intentionally interactive and dynamic. Each course includes elements designed to meet the needs of diverse learners by addressing multiple learning modalities.


Dynamic Traits is a commercial customer that provides personality training to corporate and non-profit organizations. The “In Living Color” personality survey is an empowering learning tool that focuses on improving communication skills and reducing conflict in relationships – both personal and corporate. Using the four main “colors” the results of the survey assist in identifying each individual’s unique behavioral traits. Prior to engaging with Soul Tree, Dynamic traits was delivering its training sessions strictly in person. Through a combination of Soul Tree’s hosted Learning Management System, graphic artists, multimedia and application development, Soul Tree enabled Dynamic Traits to deliver their training as a revenue generating e-learning module. The addition of this new capability has enabled Dynamic Traits to monetize its existing customer base with “new” subscription revenue and broaden its reach to new customers with a cloud based training application.


Teach Plus is an organization founded to create leadership and growth paths for excellent teachers. Soul Tree worked with the non-profit organization from 2013-2014 by providing a hybrid model of professional development to train Washington, D.C. public and public charter school teachers in the understanding and implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

This hybrid model included working with groups of teachers once a month face-to-face and increasing this support by creating an interactive and on-going digital portfolio of their learning.

Soul Tree’s expertise in executing best practices of teaching and learning supported the Teach Plus mission to improve outcomes for urban children by ensuring that a greater proportion of students have access to effective, experienced teachers.

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Soul Tree has an ongoing relationship where we provide Aetna with strategic advisory services, public relations, and project management for increasing Aetna’s brand awareness with D.C. Government employees. Some of the projects we have managed and executed on Aetna’s behalf are Health & Wellness fairs, the Mayor’s 2018 5K race, and a private event for a key stakeholder at the African American History Museum.


As a subcontractor to AmeriHealth Caritas in support of their contract with D.C. Department of Health Care Finance, Soul Tree provides quarterly training on cultural and linguistic diversity targeted to their approximate 6,000 service providers and health professionals in the D.C. market.


Soul Tree has an ongoing Human Care Agreement with DOES to provide comprehensive, advance and intensive case management services to DOES Office of Youth Programs (DSLBD). The services are targeted to DOES customers (18 to 24 year olds) facing formidable barriers to employment. Case management services align with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Standards for Social Work Case Management and are based on best practices-comprising methodologies for assisting customers with formidable barriers to employment, including biopsychosocial challenges.


Soul Tree had prime contract with this agency to provide first time home buyers training on all aspects of finding, purchasing, and maintaining a home. For this project, we created a customized training manual, companion workbook, promotional video and interactive e-learning website.


Soul Tree had a prime contract with DHS for providing strategic and marketing consulting in support of DHS’ roll out of a new customer care application to its 450 customer care representatives. We supported the agency with marketing communications, developing a strategic communications plan, audience analysis, and assisting in formulating an advertising budget and execution plan.


Soul Tree had a sub-contract with Pearson in support of the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). We provide training and portfolio scoring for the DC Science Alternate Assessment (DC Science Alt).